Demanding applications require engineered solutions. Everyone in the Lubrication Division understands that equipment must run smoothly in order to operate at peak efficiency. Downtime due to repair, repeated maintenance and replacement is costly and, in some cases, hazardous to personnel. Our complete line of Pumps, Distribution Elements, Controllers and Specialty Lubrication Products helps to eliminate the need for manual lubrication and equipment wear.

Automated lubrication systems can end the “feast or famine” conditions associated with manual lubrication. Too much lubrication creates safety or environmental hazards, while too little lubrication causes friction and wear. An automatic lubrication system ends this cycle by applying smaller amounts of lubricant at regular, frequent intervals while the equipment is in operation.

Our product lines span a wide range of industries to provide best-in-class solutions for all of your lubrication requirements. Multiple brands with worldwide service and distribution centers allows our Lubrication Division to quickly assist your needs, regardless of location or technical challenges.